CRM Operations

Trueson resources have valuable understanding of business needs and broad expertise in multiple CRM solutions (including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Veeva CRM).
They know how to effectively build bridges between Business and ICT, think in processes and solutions, and work structured and analytic.

Often management is looking for improvements in CRM adoption, efficiencies in Commercial Operations, and better alignment between business and ICT. But reality is that many CRM owners simply don’t have the bandwidth to combine day-to-day operations with strategic initiatives. We manage your day-to-day and recurring CRM operations, allowing your Commercial Operations’ teams to focus on initiatives key to the business, and replacing your resources during holidays, maternity leave, etc.

Some of our activities:

We are organised in effective multi-country competence centres. Our resources work in teams, with documented processes and permanent backups.
This way, we ensure continuity and quality of our services.

Our resources are skilled Administrators, Analysts, Configurators, Administrators, Project Managers and Trainers with relevant experience and certifications on
Veeva CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud, BI Solutions, Data Management, and supporting complex ecosystems of software and databases.

What’s our value add?  We enable focus on strategic topics by taking care of day-to-day commercial operations. We help optimize CRM adoption thru pragmatic and easy-to-maintain configuration of systems and processes. We improve User Satisfaction and internal collaboration, building bridges between business and ICT. We reduce TCO by managing applications and data in an efficient and centralised services model.