CRM Implementation


We manage your Implementation and Systems Integration

Trueson manages your projects with skilled resources, that have great understanding of business needs, significant experience in designing configuring and integrating multiple systems, knowing the implementation pitfalls to avoid:

Trueson resources have valuable understanding of business needs and solution capabilities of e.g. Salesforce Sales Cloud and Veeva CRM. They understand data and the complexities of migrating and integrating. They bring significant Project Management experience, with both local projects (e.g. single country Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation, Veeva CRM Order Management) and complex multicountry projects (e.g. Veeva CRM Events Management rollout, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud implementation).

We will challenge the business and ask the right questions. Not just simply executing what was requested, but partnering with the business and aiming for the best solution. This will help you avoid unnecessary cost or inefficient design of your tools. Ultimately aiding to the ease of maintenance of your tools on the long term!

What’s our value add? We add speed and sustainability to your programs. We contribute to projects being delivered on time, and within budget. Our understanding of business needs and experience in building bridges between business and ICT ensure good collaboration during and after implementation.