Process optimization

We optimise business processes by developing innovative and smart apps

Trueson develops smart tools and apps, complementary to your CRM solutions. Tools can be developed in Salesforce App Cloud or other environments, and are designed to meet your business process and needs.

We automate recurring processes to ensure data quality, increase efficiency, limit errors and shorten processing time. Such as automating sales data loads: using automated tools for transforming wholesaler data into formats required by e.g. Veeva CRM, generating Load Reports, Process KPI’s etcetera. Resulting in reduced processing time, improved quality and reliability, increased end user satisfaction, and efficiency.

What’s our value add? We optimise your processes and add quality, reliability and efficiency. If you are interested in examples of Salesforce App Cloud developments to complement your Salesforce or Veeva CRM systems (e.g. Pricing Rules Management, contributing to efficient use of Veeva CRM Order Management), you should contact us!