Performance Insights

Trueson develops efficient Dashboards, KPIs and Reports for actionable insights

Dashboards are key for efficient activity planning, customer insights, and for making better decisions. But developing the right KPIs and dashboards is time consuming and often underestimated.

Our BI experts connect the right data sources, create interactive dashboards, and ensure you have the latest insights available at all times. They are experienced with ao QlikView, Tableau, Power BI. They have excellent skills in Data Management, SQL and MS Excel. They will support you incorporating processes and guidelines, for staying compliant with policies and other regulatory obligations. And they leverage best practices, acquired through years of experience supporting commercial operations in a diversity of companies.

We automate recurring processes to ensure data quality, increase efficiency, limit errors and shorten processing time. Such as automating sales data loads, using automated tools for transforming wholesaler data into formats required by your CRM, generating load reports, deliver process KPIs etcetera. Resulting in reduced processing time, improved quality and reliability, and increased end user satisfaction.

What’s our value add? We help your management get better insights in the effectiveness of your multichannel strategy and field cycle plans, and make better decisions. We provide your customer facing teams with the information they need for efficient activity planning, and better customer insights. Ultimately improving your commercial effectiveness!