Multichannel Customer Engagement

Trueson certified experts have successful methods for making multichannel marketing work,
and getting most return on your investment.

Based on your multichannel marketing strategy developed, Trueson implements the tools and features needed for achieving marketing goals defined. We setup and configure Veeva CRM, Vault, KPIs and Dashboards to best execute your multichannel strategy. We prepare and load data from multiple sources, and your (new) digital content. And we troubleshoot on any issue you may encounter, ensuring a smooth process.

Our services include configuration of CRM, CMS and integration; creation of KPIs and Dashboards; training of end users and preparation of sandbox and documentation; loading of digital content in Vault (eg CLM, Approved Email and Engage); manage key messages; test in Veeva CRM and Vault, approve content; troubleshoot integration and sync errors.

What’s our value add? We help successfully execute your multichannel strategy, get better insights, and make better decisions. We provide your customer facing teams with the information they need for efficient execution of multichannel cycle plans. And we support them in better usage and understanding of multichannel tools and information.