What we do

What can we do for you?

01Process optimization

We optimise business processes by developing
innovative and smart apps

Trueson develops smart tools and apps, to complement your Salesforce,
Veeva CRM or other systems. Tools can be developed e.g. in Salesforce App Cloud, and are designed to meet your business process and needs.

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02Performance Insights

We develop efficient Dashboards, KPI's and Reports for actionable insights:

  • Connect data sources
  • Develop Dashboards, KPI's and Reports
  • Ensure data quality and freshness
  • Incorporate processes and guidelines to stay compliant
  • Automate recurring processes

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03Multichannel Customer Engagement

We implement the tools and features needed for achieving your multichannel marketing goals:

  • Configure Veeva CRM, Vault and integration
  • Create KPIs and Dashboards
  • Train end users, create documentation
  • Load digital content in Vault (eg CLM, Approved Email and Engage)
  • Manage Key Messages
  • Test in Veeva CRM and Vault, approve content
  • Troubleshoot Vault to CRM integration

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04CRM Operations

We manage your day-to-day CRM and commercial operations, so that you can focus on strategic matters:

  • CRM Administration
  • Create Surveys and Multichannel Cycle Plans
  • Create KPIs, dashboards and reports
  • Manage territory changes and re-alignments
  • Prepare, load and test metadata files
  • Issue resolution and escalation
  • Supervise data quality
  • Collaborate with business and IT stakeholders
  • Training and documentation

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05CRM Implementation

We manage your Implementation and Systems Integration

  • Project Management
  • System and Data Analyses
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Management
  • Configuration
  • Documentation and Training

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